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People with this pattern perceive their environment friendly and wish it to remain so.  They aim to maintain and conserve this pleasant situation. Harmony and cooperation with other are key values to them, and they regard all factors that jeopardise this harmonly with opposition. Green individuals are patient and persevering. For them, it is reassuring to work in a calm and predictable environment. They would rather know their tasks and schedule in advance; routine gives them security. They enjoy immersing in their tasks and dislike being interrupted in their activities. They prefer workplaces that lack mobility and which they can make cosy and comfortable.  They are loyal to their long-time colleagues and support them as much as they can. Their pace of work is calm and unhurried.

Individuals of this type are passive and don't want to change the present state of things, which is pleasant and predictable for them. They want everything to stay as it is.

This type of person is people-centred, so Greens focus primiarily on others, their opinions and moods. They need time to let another person come close, so their kindliness and people-centred attitude is not obvious to everbody at a first glance.

Because of their reflective style, they may be perceived as slow. As they are afraid of change, this may manifest itself in their negativity towards change. Their single-minded concentration may be seen as inflexibility by their colleagues. As they need time to open up, they may be perceived as sullen and reserved. They are not always able to assert themselves, they dislike speaking up and making demands, so others can suppress them and take advantage of them.

Some of the strengths of Green individuals:

  • Work with reliability and perseverance on their tasks
  • Team players
  • Have long-term friendships
  • Like routine jobs
  • Support their colleagues
  • Patient, aren't hasty
  • Like immersing in their tasks
  • Can listen well

Some of the weaknesses of Green individuals:

  • Nehezen alkalmazkodik a változáshoz.
  • Rosszul tűri a megszakításokat.
  • Mások számára lassúnak tűnhet.
  • Zárkózottnak tűnhet idegenek előtt.
  • Nem rajong az újításért.
  • Ragaszkodik a status quo fenntartásához.

Mi motiválja az ebbe a típusba tartozó embereket?

A biztonság.

Mitől félnek az ebbe a típusba tartozó emberek?

A változástól.